Friday's Letters

Mar 8, 2013

Dear ski slopes of Jackson Hole and all our fantastic friends who are making this trip possible,
I can hardly contain my excitement to see you this weekend!
5 whole days of Wyoming magic.
Dear favorite paleo/gluten free recipe of the week:
I want to stuff a million of you in my mouth, right now.
Sweet potato rosemary and bacon biscuits
Recipe here

Dear random rosemary bush growing in our yard,
You are the coolest.
Especially when it comes to cooking things like the previously mentioned biscuits.
Need more herbs in my life.

Dear Josh's night to cook,
I'm so very thankful for gluten free pizza.
Dear girl scout with the BEST IDEA EVER,
Thanks, guh.
Dear fellow twenty somethings who were obsessed with all things American Girl,
Do you feel like the 10 year+ time span between these books deprived you of a complete education?
Dear little bunny foo foo,
Even though we had no idea you were in our apartment for three whole days, thanks so much for convincing us that Charlie had genuinely lost his marbles.
Waking up multiple times in the night to Charlie barking is no bueno.
Glad the mystery has been solved.
Happy Friday guys!
I'll be absent from the blog for a few days until we get home from Wyoming, but no worries, I'll be back with some good posts :)

1 comment:

Chelsea @ Lost in Travels said...

that's hilarious that there was a bunny living in your place and you didn't even know it! are you going to keep it?!

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