Reasons I'm a terrible blogger

May 24, 2013

1) I don't have adorable kids. 
Just Charles. 
Therefore I fall into the category of creepy dog blogger.
(CharlesKim Noah, duh)

2) I don't take selfies
Except this one.
Only selfie ever (only because I was proud at how good my curls came out)
3) I'm not fashionable
. . . but I did steal some cute teal scrubs from the hospital once.
4) I'm only funny like twice a month
. . . but Josh is hilarious like two bazillion times a day, so I guess I should start using him to my advantage when it comes to blogging
5) I bought a "how to take better pictures with your dslr" book and never read it.
Therefore you get to see lots of great quality iPhone pics.
. . . like this one of the boys munchin on leftover wedding food last weekend.
(But I'm not gonna lie, sometimes I do take pretty great instagrams, follow me @em_kerrigan!)

One day cute kiddos will appear around our home, and maybe at that point I'll have the ability to take better pictures of them (and also have more time away from work to spend blogging)
. . . one can dream
Until then, you can deal with posts about food, Charlie, and things like Jared's collection of garden gnomes
Happy Friday guys!


Stamp in My Passport said...

i think i can relate more to dog bloggers than mommy bloggers. so keep the stories and photos of charlie coming! my first (and furriest) child will always be my pup :)

Taylor said...

I agree with the above comment!! I like dog moms better :) until I'm a real mom, maybe. Haha :) and wow that Instagram shot is impressive!!

Leah said...

I'm a Mama of three, but I still enjoy your blog! I especially love the Charles pictures! :) Happy weekend!

Bad Luck Jenn said...

I'm an unfashionable creepy dog blogger that tries to be funny... so I guess I'm a terrible blogger too! (But I totally take selfies everytime I'm out of scrubs lol)

Morgan said...

I quite enjoyed this post... which, I think, reconfirms that you are actually a fabulous blogger! ;-)

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