Josh's 26th Birthday Celebration(s)

Jun 24, 2013

Last week was Josh's birthday.
I wanted to let him know how much he is loved and appreciated, so I turned his birth day into a birth week.
Truthfully, the day of his birthday I planned to have the morning off from work. I wanted us to be able to sleep in and then I was hoping to surprise him with breakfast.
Well work has a tendency to not let things happen as planned (plus I was on call) so needless to say Josh's birthday morning and rest and breakfast in bed didn't happen.
That night I didn't get home from work until 7pm.
I felt so bad about it, that I figured the only way I could make his birthday not suck would be to give him an entire week of celebrations.
I tried to have something fun planned for each night (along with taking on the task of cooking dinner and cleaning the dishes myself while he rested on the couch, deservingly)
Monday night I made gluten free blueberry pancakes and candied bacon for dinner.
You just can't go wrong with breakfast for dinner!
Tuesday night we watched the NBA playoff game and Josh got to eat his favorite meal:
Wednesday night was bingo at The GingerMan.
We actually both lost, for the first time ever.
Thursday afternoon we brought Charlie to the nature preserve, and managed to find waterfall.
Yes, thats right.
Plano, Texas has a waterfall.
My mind is still blown.
Also, my mind is still blown that Henry's Tavern was selling each one of their 100 beers on tap for a penny each all week.
Usually their beers run from $7-$10 each, so having a tab under 10 cents was mind blowing.
Friday night, we celebrated the summer solstice in the pool!
Saturday, we finally got to experience the Deep Ellum Brewery!
We've been wanting to go on their brewery tour for a while now, and this was actually the first weekend we stayed in Dallas that I wasn't on call.
. . . another post about this coming soon!
Sunday, we went to church, Josh picked out a new bike (no roomba for us!) and then we got to try out the iPic movie theater, which was a blast.
Watching a movie, which eating dinner, drinking a beer, and sitting in a huge cozy leather seat with a pillow and a blanket is definitely the way to do it!

As much as this week wore me out, I loved having the opportunity to spoil this awesome man of mine!
I'm so thankful to have him in my life, and I pray to God our future kiddos have at least an ounce of his looks, and laid-back, happy spirit.
I love you Josh!


brooke lyn said...

wait is that the waterfall?! ;)

Bad Luck Jenn said...

I love the idea of giving him a whole week of dinners of his choosing! Cute idea!! Best gf award goes to....

Bad Luck Jenn said...

Or wife, ya know, whatever

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