Birthdays, birthdays, & more birthdays ...and a wedding

Jun 17, 2013

Jesus, Jesus, Jesus.
The last few days have been madness.
All my traveling (plus a monstrous sunburn) have finally caught up to me and I'm worn slap out.

Last weekend I helped my mom celebrate her 50th birthday.
There's no way I will ever believe for a second that this woman is truly 50. 
Also, we celebrated my dad's birthday (as well as Father's Day)
I'm fairly certain I couldn't have been raised by a better man.
Also, this little boy turned 26.
Siyonara health insurance.
I had the best intentions of waking up to make him gluten free blueberry pancakes this morning, but work put a bit of a kink into things so we had birthday breakfast for dinner instead!
. . . and he was not complaining.
Let the birthday week celebrations commence.
. . . and one of my best friends just got married!
We are such adults.
It is still hard to wrap my head around the fact that we are even old enough to be married.
Times like these make me so thankful for all the incredible people I am surrounded by!
 Once I catch up on work, sleep, and aloe vera rubdowns I'll have plenty of blog posts coming your way :)


MacKensie said...

Your blog is adorable. I totally just went back and read all about your love story. So sweet. :)



brooke lyn said...

brinnnnnnnner! gosh i love breakfast for dinner.

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