The Beer of all Beers: Dogfish Head 120 minute IPA

Jun 3, 2013

Josh and I have always been really into microbrews and craft beers.
On vacation we are always looking for local breweries to sample their creations.
You can catch up on some of our "Brewsday" posts here.
One of the main breweries we haven't had the chance to go to yet is the DogFish Head brewery.
They create tons of incredible beers, but there's one beer that is often referred to as The Holy Grail.
So much so that one day Josh and I were walking out of a bar, Josh casually mentioned "DogfishHead 120 minute IPA" in conversation, and a complete stranger walked up to us asking if we had any.
It was then that we knew we had to try it.
The brewery only makes it a few times a year in such a small quantity that it only gets distributed to a few lucky buyers. 
We searched local bars and stores for a few years, but we have always come up empty handed (up until last week when I saw on Whiskey Cake's Facebook page that they had some)
Without thinking twice Josh and I drove straight there, sat down at the bar, and ordered two.
We had been waiting years for this.
We drank the beer with smiles on our faces and loved every second of it.
The bartender asked us if we wanted to keep the bottle caps, which we thought was pretty silly at the time.
A few employees even came up to ask us about it.
For a split second I would say we almost felt like celebs.
Until we got this . . .
. . . anddddddd goodnight.

Plenty of blog posts coming soon about our adventures last weekend, as soon as I figure out how to add a 25th and 26th hour to the day. 
I still can't wrap my head around how bloggers with children make time to blog.
. . . and they always seem to be the best bloggers?
Anyways, this week is going to be nuts, only because I'm off work again next week.
This weekend: NYC
Next weekend: Grand Cayman
Please pardon my absences, but prepare for more blog (and Instagram) explosions to come.


brooke lyn said...

love dogfish head! ps. if you want some great beer, come to portland! they do it right out here in oregon with their brews

Cara Beth said...

That's crazy! $30 beers! Well, were they worth it? I hope so. My husband and I would so be there with you on the beer tasting...but we are both gluten free. Bummer! So enjoy it for those of us who cannot anymore.

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