Monday's Letters

Jun 30, 2013

Dear wi-fi,
It was terribly rude of you to crap out of 48 hours last week.
You kinda put a kink into Friday's letters, so instead I now present . . .
Monday's Letters!

Dear first summer in Texas,
Bring it on.
If we survived 106 degrees on Friday, I'm fairly certain we can survive anything.
Charlie managed quite nicely.
 Dear apartment complex,
Quit being so darn nice and giving us free things all the time.
It really makes it a challenge to avoid gluten and sugar. 
. . . and I'm not good at passing up anything free.
I love that you featured our engagement pictures last week!
I can't get enough of Stephanie Davis's incredible photography skills.
Dear Whiskey Cake,
I'm overjoyed y'all have a sister restaurant coming to a location even closer to our apartment.
I promise we won't neglect you, but you need to promise to make elvis cupcakes and chocolate covered bacon more often.

Dear homemade popsicles,
One day I will master you.
Still working on it.
Dear Charles, 
I know you have had enough of me taking your picture, but charging the camera is not the appropriate way to handle your anger.

Dear Josh,
You are hot.

1 comment:

Bad Luck Jenn said...

My Duke turns his head or closes his eyes to avoid the camera (and flash) lol. And I'm looooving these engagement pictures! Y'all are so darn cute! Plus I love engagement pictures with dogs! so why Iceland?

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