Our afternoon in the cutest city in the south: Chattanooga

Jun 12, 2013

Two weekends ago (jeeeez, where has the time gone? sorry for the neglect little blog world) Josh & I headed east (with Charles in tow, of course)
Josh's dad and step-mother live in north Georgia. We made the drive from Dallas to spend the weekend with them, and we also got to explore some nearby cities. 
Our first stop we made was Chattanooga.
Before Josh found a job in Dallas, he applied for a few in Chattanooga (even though neither of us had ever been there before) because Outside magazine labeled it as one of the best cities to live.
After our afternoon in the city we would highly agree.
Chattanooga now rivals Seattle as our favorite city in America.
It was such a cute, friendly city nestled in the mountains with the gorgeous Tennessee river running through it.
We started the day off with lunch at Food Works (pet friendly!) and had some local beer and bleu cheese sweet potato chips.
The meal plus perfect weather on a patio made for a fantastic first impression of this city.
We walked along the river and found a park with a fountain.
We weren't sure if dogs were allowed in the fountain, but Charlie sure made himself at home amongst the kiddos.
He wasn't afraid to hop in the river either.
How freakin cute are they?
Let the Josh and Charlie photo shoot commence . . . 
Josh opted for ice cream from Clumpies for dessert.
LOVE that name. 
I opted for cupcakes (duh)
The most magical lemon blueberry cupcake, to be exact.
Have I mentioned this is the cutest city in the south?
. . . and this is the cutest pup in the south?
Charlie was quite the worn out pup after this little vacay.
Who sleeps on the gear shift?
More posts coming soon, as well as posts about our weekend in NYC for the Governor's Ball music festival.
I'm headed to Grand Cayman for the rest of the week for Jenna's wedding!
I'm kinda getting excited about the lack of cell phone service I'll be having over the next few days.
Technology detox!
See 'y'all soon! 


Alissa said...

Chattanooga looks like fun! I am a little biased in my opinion that Seattle still wins though :) Actually, Chattanooga kind of reminds me of Bend, OR from your pics. If you've never been, it's kind of in the middle of nowhere - but worth a visit IMO. We'd go more often if it was closer!

Kelsey said...

I miss your posts but I love that you're traveling so much! I love reading about it. Charlie always kills me! I LOVE the one of him and Josh from behind... so adorable.

I've never been to Chattanooga but I'm dying to have more Tennessee in my life. What a beautiful state. Portland & Seattle are my favorite cities right now, so that really excites me that y'all loves Chat so much. :)

<3 Kelsey
Be Like The Fox

Bad Luck Jenn said...

I love Chatt! I've contemplated moving there many times! And Charlie takes the best pictures! Can you say dog model?!


Bailey K. | Travel Heals said...

Oh my goodness. Sleepin on the gear shift. Charlie and my dog, Quinn, would be best friends. I love that you got to take Charlie with you!! I want to do that soon with our pups. I'll have to come to you for some pet-friendly spots! :)

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