No worries, I'm still here

Sep 30, 2013

Excuses of why I'm sucking majorly with the blog thing:
Work is stupid busy this time of year (and it's only gonna get worse, you know, people are meeting their deductibles and want surgery blah blah blah)
The weather is so fantastic around here that after work I want to completely avoid technology and just do a bazillion things outdoors.
Josh just started a new job and sometimes has longer hours than me which equals a lot less home cooked meals and a way messier apartment.
Oh, and I'm kinda devoting all of my spare time towards one big secret project.

Nevertheless, I've got a few posts up my sleeve for this week.
For starters, here's a little weekend update.
We spent the weekend in a cabin at the Wildwood Resort on Toledo Bend for a wedding.
One of our oldest family friends from back home married his high school sweetheart.
I love all things weddings, particularly when you know the two people are meant to be, and I particularly loved this one because we got have a little hometown reunion.
My family is very close with two other families (who happen to live in our neighborhood back home) and in the last year, each of those families have had a wedding. 
Since it seems like all of the kids are moving away either due to marriage or school, we try take full advantage of any opportunity to get together (and what's more perfect than a wedding?)
I kinda love my brother and sister.
I also love sitting on the porch of the cabin with them and their significant others enjoying the rain.
I hope you had a relaxing weekend as well!
I'll be taking off this weekend for a business trip in Philadelphia (jeez I sound like an adult and it sucks) so fingers crossed for lots of quality book reading and blog writing time! 

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