Birthday Weekend Getaway in the Ozarks

Nov 12, 2013

Last weekend, our little family or three spent some quality time in a cabin in northern Arkansas.
It was a short trip, but it was probably one of the happiest and most relaxing weekends of my life.
The views were incredible, the weather was perfect, and the company was better than ever.
Words and pictures won't be able to do it justice (but you know I'll try).
I am glad I finally dusted off the DSLR though, now I just need to remember how to work it.
We took in the sights, grilled excellent steaks, snuggled with Charlie, and drank coffee in the swing on the porch.
I couldn't have asked for a more perfect way to spend the last few days of my 25th year.
The view from the porch was perfection.
The guys loved cabin life.
A real, live fireplace with real, live firewood was icing on the cake.
We whipped up a classic breakfast with the help of some rhubarb strawberry jelly.
On our way out of town we visited a scenic overlook (21 dog years later) to recreate one of my favorite photos.
Charles was really into it, obviously.
Glad to start off my 26th year surrounded by these two weirdos!


the Florkens said...

Love all of this! I live in Little Rock and I don't get to go up to the Ozarks nearly as much as I would like...


Audrey @ An Aud Blog said...

I used to go to the Ozarks growing up as a kid and through college (until I moved to the NW!) Love it there! Closest thing to mountains we had around Oklahoma :)

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