The Texas State Fair

Nov 6, 2013

A few weeks ago, I convinced Josh to take me to the Texas State Fair.
Now, this fair is unlike any other state fair.
. . . or am I just being biased and assuming everything in Texas is better than everywhere else?
For starters, the Texas State Fair is known for it's outlandish fried foods 
They fried butter, I mean who does that?
Second, it was extra special this year because shortly after the fair last year, Big Tex (the iconic statue welcoming everyone in the fair) burnt down.
It was tragic, but he returned even bigger and better this year, see?
I couldn't convince Josh to wait in the mile ling long to ride the Texas Star with me, but I did convince him to try a smorgasbord of fried goodies.
Graphic images ahead
(Except for this potato chip on a stick thingy that I just haaaaaad to have)
THIS is graphic.
Fried cookie dough?
Fried nutella?
They even had fried Thanksgiving dinner and fried frito chili pie.
. . . but I present to you:
Fried butter
I'm not even gonna lie, it was pretty good.
Of course, I imagined an entire stick of fried butter covered in crunchy, greasy batter, but in all actuality it tasted exactly like a sopapilla (with extra butter).
The only recommendation I have is to first cut into the ball and let most of the butter drain out.
It was topped with honey and cinnamon, and it was heaven in my pre-hypertensive, pre-diabetic, pre-hyperlipdemia mouth.
We also tried the fried PBJ w/ bananas and the friend Cool Ranch Doritos Pizza (and then Josh woke up at 3am puking his face off, no lie)
. . . the PB&J was dang good though.
. . . for dessert (not that the previous treats were the entree by any means) we had a fried pop-tart.
It's not near as photogenic as the others, but it tasted phenomenal.
Next year, I swear we are going to ride rides, and not just stuff our faces.
Catch ya later Big Tex.
Cute butt.

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