An Icy weekend

Nov 26, 2013

Even though the silly weatherman predicted ice/snow storms to come through north Texas last weekend, my parents still made the drive to come visit us.
Thank goodness.
You know it was a big deal when they missed out on Sunday Whiskey Cake brunch so they could get back due to the supposed "weather".
Of course, nothing happened.
We hardly even got rain.
Regardless of our lack of snow, we still endured some harsh conditions on Saturday by going to the Gaylord Texan Hotel to see their Ice! production.
Each year they transform over two million pounds of ice into themed, lit sculptures.
We've been wanting to go for years, and this year it finally worked out that we were able to.
This year's theme was The Nutcracker!
We couldn't convince Josh to come, but we had a blast anyways.
They give you cute little parkas to wear in the rooms (thank goodness because it was a whopping 8 degrees in there!)
I only had to knock down three little kids to ride the ice slide.
Randomly, they also had another room of sculptures this year themed "Christmas in New York"
Lady Lib looked weird.
We did love the ice taxi though.
. . . and of course the John Lennon Central Park tribute!
The boys spent the afternoon watching football, while mom and I went shopping and warmed up with some Starbucks.
I do realize that taking a "red cup pic" is about the most cliche thing to do right now as an instagrammer and blogger, but look at that lighting and the creme brûlée sprinkles!
That's photo worthy.
Thank goodness the boys pulled themselves together enough to make it to dinner at Mexican Sugar with the fam.
Isn't our little neighborhood the cutest at Christmas?
I patiently waited for snow all day Sunday.
Sunday morning Charles snuggles are probably my favorite thing in the world.
Isn't that what people say about their kids?
We capped off the chilly weekend in the perfect way:
Pulling out the Christmas dishes to fill them with homemade potato soup! 
I could eat soup for every meal if Josh would let me.
Do you have a favorite winter dish?

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