Love Letters

Apr 18, 2014

Dear bananas,
Sometimes I let you go bad, just so I have an excuse to get creative with banana bread.
. . . coconut blueberry banana bread to be exact.
Dear Nicole,
 You've outdone yourself with this incredible invitation.
I still can't get over how great it is.
Only a few more weeks until #thedavidgeshow!
Dear Dallas,
You are caayyyuuuuuuute.
Dear terribly long clinic days that lack lunch breaks,
I hate you.
Looking at the prints in our patient rooms (daydreaming about 10 days in Europe this summer) keep me from going absolutely bonkers.
Dear Josh,
You know that "just because something is 75% off" means we don't have a choice but to buy it, right?
It's Target's fault, not my lack of self control.
Dear Charlie,
You are the next contestant on Supermarket Sweep!
Dear 'burbs,
I'm so happy you provide us with such excellent food.
Dear sweet naked baby nephew Abe,
Although Josh is still gathering his bravery to hold you without the fear of breaking you, he still loves you nonetheless.
Dear job,
Sometimes I love you and sometimes I hate you, but then I get things like this in the mail and LOL.
Dear Whole Foods,
Thanks for helping me to look like a good little wife.
Dear Sprinkles,
You did it again. and again. and again. and again.
Dear long over reunions with college friends living in Dallas,
Thank goodness you happened.
My introverted-ness was slowly reaching an all-time high.
Dear Texas,
$15 for unlimited crawfish, gumbo, grilled oysters, and andouille? 
I'm still confused (but still impressed).
Dear cadbury eggs in a nest of coconut on top of a cream cheese icing stuffed sugar cookie cup,
Nothing says Happy Easter quite like you do.
Dear Em's last few days of being "Perky",
Although you will still be known by that for eternity, your surname will be missed.
I can't believe it's already here.
I'm so happy for you and Chase, I love you to death, and I can't wait for you to become an old married woman this weekend!

Happy Easter guys!

1 comment:

A and B said...

Is that a wedding invite on a hanky! It's so beautiful!!

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