The Original Dashboard Diary [Day 14]

May 14, 2011

Santa Rosa
Saturday May 14, 2011

Santa Rosa is supposedly the “Napa Valley of microbreweries” so we started our day out with a sampler from Third Street Ale Works (which was only $12 for 4 oz of every beer they brew in house!)

 . . . and I couldn’t resist the Bread Pudding made with their chocolate stout beer 

After that, we worked off all those cals by biking around the city for a while . . . until we came upon this magical place:

My life was forever changed after eating this little cup of awesomeness...A SAMOA CUPCAKE!

Yes, you heard that right . . . Samoa . . . as in girl scout cookie Samoas, seriously.
Josh and I both agreed it was hands down the best cupcake we have ever eaten, sorry Grammy.
It is now my life mission to figure out this recipe.
Oh yea and we got a red velvet whoopie pie, which paled in comparison, but it was still great. 

I was one happyyyyyyyy camper.

For the third time of our whole visit in Santa Rosa, we went to Russian River Brewery.
We were obsessed to say the least.

More barleywine!

We encountered yet another amazing invention . . . on the back of their coasters “Gone to Pee” was written so that when you left your drink unattended they wouldn’t pick it up.
I guess it provided a good seat saver too . . . and also a Roofie blocker. 

This was on their wall and it took a lot of convincing from the boys to keep me from stealing it.

What do you do when you buy another growler, forget you rode a bike, and your belt doesn’t fit through the handle?
You use your bike chain.
That makes for 3 great sparks of genius we experienced today.

After dinner, we came outside to find wet bikes and pouring rain...which definitely made for an interesting ride home.

Parting Pic of the Day:

We’ve spent most of the morning debating on whether to go skiing in Lake Tahoe or head to San Francisco.
Had we known you could snow ski in Tahoe in May, we would have been a little more prepared.
Being around all these mountains and seeing the snow in Yosemite, I have literally been craving the chance to go snow skiing again . . . but we think it would be a little more cost efficient to save Tahoe for another time.
So . . . we’re headed to San Fran.

Present day follow up thoughts:
Boy do I wish we would have gone to Tahoe . . . and boy do I miss barley wine!
Side note: Upon passing my OB/GYN test today (positive thinking!) I will officially have completed 12 whole rotations and be done with the clinical portion of PA school! 


Alyx said...

Congrats on passing the test!!!

And this seriously looks like it was the coolest trip ever.

tiff@thecoffeehouse said...

this is my kind of post. beer + sweets. there is nothing better.

Sierra @ Sierra's View said...


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