Love Letters {to food}

Jan 22, 2015

Your October taco of the month, with fried chicken coated in a pumpkin seed breading, converted me from a pumpkin hater to a pumpkin kindaaaa hater.
Dear some of our favorite Dallas restaurants (like Cane Rosso, Smoke, and Liberty Burger)
Thanks for moving north to the 'burbs.
Your assistance in helping us avoid highway 75 makes me want to smooch your face.
Dear awkward local instagrammer meet-up at Sissy's,
The never ending buckets of chicken smothered the weirdness like gravy on Sissy's glorious mashed potatoes.
Dear Sprinkles,
Thanks for allowing mere mortals to make your salted oatmeal cornflake cookies in the comfort of our own home.
But to only include dough for six cookies in each tub?
Someone should be fired.
Dear Trader Joe's,
You never ever ever cease to amaze me and my taste buds.
Dear Smoke,
I'm so thankful you and your heavy handed blueberry ricotta pancakes topped with poached vanilla apricots will be only one suburb away from us now.
Dear Trader Joe's,
Stop it.
My cavities.
Dear Texas State Fair,
Although we missed out on the funnel cake beer, your Texas bluebonnet made up for our loss.
A blueberry muffin stuffed with cream cheese, blueberries, and white chocolate chips sent straight from the heavens.
Dear Velvet Taco
Much like my addiction to oversized sweaters, I can't quit you.
Dear Josh,
I don't like the way you look at my pie (my key lime pie from Smoke, of course)
Dear Smoke,
Have I told you lately how absolutely thrilled I am about you moving 30 minutes closer to us?
This pulled pork eggs benedict though.
. . . and goat cheese potato cakes on the side.
Dear King Cake season,
Fall is great and girl scout cookie season is fun, but let's be honest, king cake season is the only season of the year that really matters.


The Girl who Loved to Write said...

Cookie butter cups?! SERIOUSLY?!

candice351 said...

That sriracha and roasted garlic BBQ sauce has become my best friend. Trader Joe's knows how to steal my paycheck

Shelley said...

these posts of your make me want to visit dallas asap! and miss the good eats of cincinnati.

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