The Original Dashboard Diary [Day 7]

May 8, 2011

"Santa Monica & TOMS Hq"
Saturday May 7, 2011

I thought this picture was the perfect description of how weird/different people in LA are. 
Josh flashed us back to 8th grade history by calling it a melting pot.

 We spent most of the day in Santa Monica.

The trash can entertained me.

The dumb boys like to make fun of me for my color preferences and they said this was my dream house 
. . . but I dooo love it.

I was also very entertained by this trash can and the girl below who was attempting to film a music video at the beach in a cheerleader uniform.

Some more of my dreams could have come true today if only I had the money to afford playing on a trapeeze or the cloth ribbon thingys they do at the circus/what Pink performed on at the Grammy’s last year.
One day . . . 

I swear i’ve seen this place in the movies . . . it’s where old men/homeless people like to play checkers

We asked a local what he recommended to be the best restaurant in town and ended up at Barney’s Beanery.
After we ate here, we made a new rule that for the rest of the trip, we will only eat at places recommended by locals. 
It was amazing. 
Pretty historical too . . . supposedly it was frequented by Jim Morrison and it was the last place Janis Joplin visited before she died.

My first pinkberry experience

Now it's bike time.

During our bike adventure around the city, we somehow took a wrong turn and ended up on the freeway.
 There wasn’t a bicycle lane and there was a barricade between the lanes. 
After what seemed like hours of waiting, and praying for the traffic to break long enough for us to cross, we ended up making it to safety (with a few angry honks in between)

I was amazed at the amount of Uggs I saw today.
It’s May! 
How in the world could your feet be cold enough to need wool lined boots??
Josh kept calling me the Ugg police, but seriously, it blew my mind. 
It’s May!!

We drove by the Toms Headquarters, hopin we could catch a glimpse of my obsession, THE Blake Mycoskie. 
No one was there, and the door was unlocked . . . so, we did what any normal person would do. 
We gave ourselves a free private tour of the premises. 

When we were leavin a store this afternoon, we happened to see this eye catching magazine on the counter.

Its pretty ironic that the cover story is the world’s top 100 must see destinations and Havasupai falls is the background picture . . . we were SO CLOSE. 
Then that darn elk shattered our dreams. 
But on a positive note . . . we checked the weather the first night we would have been camping there and it had gotten down to 17 degrees! yikes! 
It was a blessing in disguise because we definitely did not pack for camping in that type of weather!     

Now, we’re off to the Fleet Foxes Concert, then we’re headin to Santa Barbara to stay with Katie tomorrow night. 
Catch ya lataaaaaaaa.

Parting Pics of the Day:

Present day follow up thoughts:
I was once again, very entertained by the comments.


tiff@thecoffeehouse said...

your adorable blue shoes are sooo much better than the uggs. may? really?

Robin said...

hahah i love that you just walked right into the Toms HQ. I would have been tempted to help myself to some free shoes.

I hope preparing for your final test is going smoothly! Goodluck!

Don't forget to check out my giveaway!

Emily said...

You love Toms too? And girls wearing uggs inappropriate weather...I think you are my soul-mate.

A and B said...

It looks like you two had such a fun trip!! Congrats on the engagement!

Rebecca said...

I love that house too and I'm not ashamed to admit it! I love bright fun colors. Trying to get my boyfriend to paint his house in Hawaii turquoise. He isn't quite convinced :)

Anonymous said...

That house is a perfect combination of girlyness and masculine bits - it's not all pink after all, the bottom floor walls are grey ;)

Great photos, biking out there seems so much fun.. Beautiful palm trees and beaches, love it. :) Ahh, I'm having so much fun reading your travel story that I'm totally forgetting the fact that _I_ want to go abroad myself ! ;D

Indie by heart

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