A fun/not so fun trip to Chicago

Sep 10, 2012

My last trip to Chicago a few weeks ago for Lollapalooza was slightly more fun than this trip for a PA Board Review Course where we were in a dungeon listening to lectures for 11 hours a day.
Now, it was pretty terrible, but we went to the windy city a few days early to spend some quality time with some of my favorite girls from our class.

When we weren't doing this:

. . . or this:

We managed to squeeze in some sightseeing:

We hung out with the Blue Men

. . . and it wouldn't be a complete trip to Chicago without a stop at Lucky's.

Breakfast at Yolk!
Trish got the Hawaiian dish, of course.

Photoshoot at The Bean!
(We were really into being Asian tourists, if you could tell)
#notracist #iloveasians

Trish and Kristen held up the bean.
It's heavy.

. . . and Kristen does a sweet little TigerGirl/Hornet Honeybee dance move.

Southbound is a dark scary city

Northbound is a pretty bright city.

One of my favorite parts of Chicago . . . 

We also celebrated Trishy's birthday!

. . . and Jeremy fit right in with the gals.

For our final night of freedom (no lectures/studying) we went to a White Sox game.
After hearing about a bazillion shootings that happened that weekend, we decided a cab was the safest route.
Literally minutes after I asked the cab driver if he had ever been in a wreck, we were completely stunned with a jolt from the back.
We got rear-ended.

. . . and we still had to pay our cab fare.
Oh well, at least we were safe!
Kinda ironic that he hit a cab full of PAs. 

Once we overdosed on Advil, we thoroughly enjoyed the White Sox game! 

Jenna and I were pretty enthralled with our White Sox beers.

Tied game at the bottom of the 6th! 

7th inning stretch!

Such a beautiful field!

After the game, we heard a little rumor that the women's bathroom on the 96th floor of the John Hancock had the best view in the city.

. . . and that was SO true.

The next morning sweet sweet Jenna gave a homeless man her Chick-fil-a chicken sandwich and then explained the way to find the lady passing out free sandwiches.
I just ate mine.
Selfish, I know.

. . . oh and THE Sprinkles cupcake ATM happened.
Which deserves its own post.
Check back tomorrow!

This week I'm linking up with Bailey at Let Birds Fly for her Travel Party!
Next Monday I'll be linking up with a Jackson Hole post!
Let Birds Fly

P.S. I have my first big girl job interview today with an orthopedic surgeon in Dallas so say a little prayer! 


Anonymous said...

Hey Girl! I just wanted to let you know that I nominated your blog for The Versatile Blogger Award (: You can go to this post for more information:


Thanks for everything you've done to help me out!

Alex, Speaking Denglish said...

11 hour class?? Unreal! Looks like you still managed lots of fun. And your friend all break dancing by the bean, way impressive

Laicie said...

Aww this trip looks like so much fun!! Except when it wasn't, of course. ;)

Brooke said...

Looks so fun! Love all your pics!


Lacey said...

Found your blog via Bailey's Travel Party Link-up! On top of that, there was a time where I wanted to go to PA school, so I will definitely be visiting your blog again! :-)


Unknown said...

Found you via 'On the Adventure'. I am now just reading through your archives, lovely blog. Funnily enough I am toying with the idea of becoming a PA and was wondering if you have any advice on whether you would suggest the intensive program. Also considering a masters in Public Health, which is why I ask. Thanks and keep on sharing!

Emily said...

So glad you stopped by Hannan! usually i respond to comments via e-mail but for some reason I didn't see an email address attached to your comment (so i hope you are able to get this response) that's awesome that you are considering PA school. I don't know anything about intensive programs (I've actually never heard of it) so I don't have much of an opinion on that, sorry :(
I would highly recommend PA school in general though, because I think it allows for a great lifestyle for any young woman looking to have a good family life/have time to still be a mom. I majored in Biology in college and I felt like it gave me adequate preparation for PA school. Most PA schools will list recommended classes on their website. If you have any other questions feel free to email me at emily@dashboarddiary.com. I love to talk about PA school with anyone who is interested! Good luck!

Unknown said...

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