A little Vegas recap

Oct 11, 2012

Now, it wouldn't be true Vegas form to completely spill the beans on everything we did while in Sin City for my bachelorette party.
. . . and I'm also not capable of adequately describing the amount of sheer joy that was experienced on this trip.
I was surrounded by girls I love, who showered me with gifts, laughs, and love for three whole days.
We ate entirely too much food (Tao, Lavo, and Sugar Factory, twice) and lost entirely too much sleep, but it was all so worth it.
We started the trip off right Friday night with a limo ride and some champagne, followed by a pretty interesting "scavenger hunt" if you could call it that.
Saturday night we laughed our heads off during a trivia game Liz rigged up (lots of tears) which was probably the highlight of the weekend for me, not to be outdone by seeing The Beatles "Love" Cirque du Soliel show again on Sunday night.
These two little hostesses are THE all-time greatest.
Lingerie shower time!
Nicole's card couldn't have said it better.
"It's time to throw out the cotton, and make room for some lace"
There has never been more true words stated.
Men's boxer shorts and oversized t-shirt days are over, I finally got some fancy pjs.
. . . and then I got my favorite gift.
From Allie.
Trivia time!
Let's see if I know Josh as well as he thinks.
The sweet people at Tao gave me a nice little gift bag of goodies.
Day 3 was spent relaxing by the pool (eating cocktail popsicles, mind you)
Followed by a little jacuzzi time (because we had one of those in our room, the high rollers that we are)
 . . . followed by a night out with The Beatles.
 This past weekend wouldn't have turned out the way it did, had my two best friends not taken charge of it.
I love them more than anything, and words cannot say how appreciative I am of all that they did.


Jamie said...

Looks like quite the weekend!! I hope you're enjoying your last few weeks of un-wedded life!!


Chelsea said...

Wow, what a FUN trip! You ladies are all so gorgeous too!

A and B said...

That looks like the most fun bachelorette party! I'm sure you are getting super excited for the wedding as the date gets closer! Congrats again!

lori said...

that seriously looks like the best bachelorette party, ever. SO fun. and i LOVE your gold dress!!

Empirically Erin said...

That's so sweet that they did that for you!! I'm so jealous! And wow what a beautiful group of friends!

Rachael said...

I'm totally stalking your wedding posts, because it's my total dream wedding. :) I'm going to a friend's bachelorette party in Vegas in a few weeks and I'm so excited!! I think it's going to be like 105 degrees though!

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