Sneak Peek

Oct 19, 2012

We took some more engagement photos last weekend 
. . . without Charlie, unfortunately, so they are probably all gonna be terrible, right? :)
Here's a sneak peek for now, more coming later! 

 Josh and the boys left for Vegas yesterday.
He got this little message in his fortune cookie last week.
Should I be concerned?
Nah, maybe it's referring to Iceland.
. . . or the "trip" of marriage.
Probably not.

This weekend I'm having a holiday themed wedding shower thrown by my sweet college friends, and also another job interview in Dallas.
So thankful for sweet girls and some gorgeous weather around these parts! 
Happy weekend everyone! 


Alex, Speaking Denglish said...

pahaha cannot believe he got that fortune right before the bachelor party, too funny

Chelsea said...

That is such a funny story!

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