Little things

Oct 30, 2012

1) I didn't update the blog yesterday. 
It felt weird skipping a day like that, but I kind of got a weird thrill by skipping a pretty regular post day. 
Gosh I'm strange.
I'll make up for it today with a post jam packed with awesomeness.

2) We did some serious paperwork last week
2) I had three job interviews Friday for orthopedic positions around Dallas.

3) Speaking of work, my dad was one of our patients last week.
This is my dad's knee.
Am I violating HIPPA? Or patient/provider confidentiality?
Oh well, I'm sure he doesn't mind, I've shown half the world already.
Ortho lesson! Ready?
This is the type of x-ray you should have nightmares about (but on the other hand we have happy dreams about them because that knee=surgery)
The end.

4) To prepare for the previously mentioned interviews, I went to Starbucks, and didn't drink a pumpkin spice latte.
Now thats blog worthy right there.
I am the worst American ever if I say that I hate pumpkins?
5) I love the fact that fall is probably the most instagrammable season

 6) I think I've mentioned on here before that we are having multiple cakes at the wedding. 
Along with that comes the privilege of sampling the previously mentioned multiple cakes in preparation for this little thing called a wedding that is steadily approaching.
Recently my aunt Lori brought by her margarita cake for us to sample, and it was glorious.
I actually blogged her recipe a while back when she made margarita cupcakes for my cousins bachelorette party.

Bonus material . . .
Charles update!
I feel like I don't blog nearly as much about Charlie as I used to.
No worries, that will all change here in a few weeks when he officially becomes my roomie.
He has spent many nights in Minden lately though, and he even met his new BFF Trip.
Lots of good posts coming up this week!
I'm gonna share with yall my new favorite recipe of all time and a craft project I've been working on.
Stick around, friends :)


Alex, Speaking Denglish said...

ahh marriage license, woohooo!

that cake looks so good. too bad i'm too lazy to bake.

Chelsea said...

Wow, that cakes looks awesome!

AVY said...

Exciting. Cute dogs too.


Taylor said...

Margarita cupcakes?! What what!
Cme enter my shabby apple giveaway on the blog :))

Anna said...

Margarita cake? If you have that at your wedding it will probably go down in history as the wedding that had a margarita cake. Which is a good thing.

That sounds amazing. I'm totally going to try that recipe.

Morgan said...

Your blog is so cute!! I found it on accident but I'm glad I did! Hopefully you don't care if I follow you. These photos are great. Keep up the good work :)


The Adventurer said...

I am so jeals that Charles is going to be your roommate. Totes jeals.

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