October? Seriously?

Oct 5, 2012

Dear October,
You came fast.
Too fast.
I'm not ready. 
(I truly love fall, but, if I see one more instagram of a fall scented candle I'm gonna implode)
Yesterday, October 3rd, was the day Josh and I started dating 6 years ago.
This is our 6th October together. 
Our wedding is 6 weeks away.
I feel like we are still two little kids.
October also means bachelorette and bachelor parties.
I leave for Vegas tonight with 9 of my closet friends and Josh goes to Vegas in two weeks.
True story.
I never thought I would be old enough to be getting married or to be having a bachelorette party.
. . . but now it is October 2012. 

Invitations were sent Wednesday.
I'm SO glad because those are probably my favorite thing so far of all our wedding details.
Expect them to be shared on the blog next week, as well as more details about our honeymoon!
If I survive Vegas.
Fingers crossed.

P.S.S. (or P.P.S?)
It gives me anxiety that I didn't include a picture in this post.
Here is our first photo taken together.
Back in 2006.


Chelsea said...

Wow, only 6 weeks away! Are you getting nervous?? That's so exciting!!

Amanda Schroeder said...

I just found your blog! And am SO EXCITED to hear allll about your guys' wedding. I remember when February hit (my wedding month). IT was most definitely unbelievable! Good luck and I can't wait to hop on this journey with you!

amanda @ we and serendipity

Ley said...

I somehow randomly stumbled upon your blog, and a: CONGRATS ON SIX YEARS! That's awesome/insane (mostly awesome). b: congrats on getting married! I hope your day is everything that you dream it to be and more. c: I am a little obsessed with your blog design...so pretty. d: I was not emotionally prepared for October to happen yet...I miss sun dresses.

The Adventurer said...

Oh heeey baby Emily. And baby Josh.

Thats fantastic. So very fantastic!

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