Friday's Letters

Mar 1, 2013

Dear roommates,
It melts my heart to see you welcoming me home after a long day of work.
Dear job,
I kinda love you.
Dear Chuck,
You + sunroofs make me laugh.
Dear parents,
Thanks for coming to visit us and for helping us out during our pre-paycheck nearly homeless days.
Dear Josh,
Why do I have to lose a bet for you to let me record you singing?
Did you know that it is rude to keep all your talent hidden from the YouTube and Facebook world?
Dear view at work,
You've got me craving some mountains.
See ya next week, Wyoming.
Dear best photographer in America,
Thanks for taking my favorite photo of all time.
Dear frisbee,
You have become a staple in our household.
Dear Cesar Millan, 
You are a liar.
Dear America,
This is nuts.
What has the world come to?

Happy Friday!
Our weekend is going to be filled with quality time with our favorite peeps, and I couldn't be more overjoyed!



Kelsey said...

That first picture of Josh and Charlie is wicked adorable. Also that Google video is so inspiring, makes me wanna get off my butt and do something really awesome! Haha.

Be Like The Fox

Veronica Lee Burns said...

your favorite photo is AMAZING

following you now :)

Rachael said...

Love your blog! Thats frisbee picture is awesome! And so is your favorite photo, especially in that rustic frame! New follower. ;)

Xo Rachael

Lauren | Beautifully Mint said...

Oh my goodness, I am so glad you made it over to my blog because I LOVE yours. You are adorable! And you live in TX even better, that's where I'm from! Love your Friday letters. :) I believe you've just found yourself a new follower.


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