Monday's Letters

May 13, 2013

Dear Friday's Letters, 
Sorry for neglecting you.
Don't be mad. 

Dear Dallas,
It's not hard to find something fun to do throughout the week, but it's a major plus when it involves lots and lots of food.
Dear Whole Foods,
Your Iron Fork event was awesome, but unfortunately all the local restaurant samples weren't all thaaaat instagrammable (which is no bueno for a blogger who has a food & instagram addiction)
All the cheese and Empire Bakery bread made up for it though.
Dear two dudes in a laundry basket,
Dear Walking Dead,
So maybe we jumped on the train a little late, but I'm afraid to say we're hooked.
Now we just need Season 3 and apparently it doesn't exist anywhere that our skinny wallets can handle.
Aka, I'm not buying it on iTunes. 

Dear Josh,
Thanks for my crash course in contrasting flavors last week.
Mango + cayenne and sea salt, 
You win.
Honorable mention: Watermelon + pepper, chocolate ice cream + sage and olive oil, and vanilla ice cream + chili powder and cinnamon. 
Dear Mother's Day,
I'm glad you exist.
Moms deserve a lot more than one day of recognition a year though.
I'm glad we were able to celebrate with this soon to be mama as well!
How was your weekend guys?


Applewood Road said...

dying in response to the laundry basket, so adorable :)

Diana, Down Home Traveler said...

Top Golf? I love that place!

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