The worst weekend, so far

Sep 18, 2013

Last week, Morgan asked me to write a guest post for her blog about "a day in the life of a PA"
At the time, I was pumped to write it.
I thought it was a great idea for a post and that I would have a blast doing it.
After this past weekend, I had a slight change of mind.
I was on call, and it was the worst call weekend yet.
Throughout the week, I had an ongoing list of things to do over the weekend.
My first mistake.
A lot of superstition is involved with being on call.
I've quickly learned my lessons the hard way.
Don't make plans on call days and don't ever mention anything regarding not being called in.
Talking about your lack of being called in is bound to have the evil call gods strike doom upon you.
Seriously though, on one weekend of call Josh and I decided to go to the pool.
As I lathered myself in tanning oil he said, "That would be hilarious if you got all greased up and then you got called in."
We literally looked down at my phone five minutes later and I was being called in for a fracture.
This past weekend we had three distal radius fractures which we reduced under sedation in the ER, two hip fractures, and one tibial shaft fracture which we had the privilege of coming in to fix at 2am.
Needless to say, my to-do list for the weekend was not even touched.
All I cared about was catching sleep in the few hours I had free and eating.
The bad times are never caught on camera, so the only photos I have from this weekend are the high points.
Well, there's also this one, taken at 3:30am out of boredom in the locker room waiting on surgery to start.
For some reason, everyone is really slow in the middle of the night?
I quit documenting the terrible moments after the previous photo.
Going to bed at 7am makes me one miserable beyotch.

The rest of the weekend was only documented according to what food we ate.
The Easy Slider food truck makes me happy.
Zapp's make me happy to.
Go Louisiana.
My favorite slider is the Sweet & Low Down, with goat cheese, strawberry jam, and bacon.
Between all the surgeries, it was nice to just sit on the couch and relax.
. . . to the serenading sounds of a banjo.
Josh loves call weekends.
He loves to invite our friends in too (could it be due to the fact that he has a 100% sober DD all weekend?)
Sunday, I finished surgery at 6 and went straight to dinner with Maggie.
I've been dying to go downtown to try the soufflé at Rise.
Due to the dim lighting (and my fear of my camera flash in public) I got plenty of terrible quality photographs.
The food was beyond incredible.
Maggie got the truffle infused mushroom soufflé and I had the southwestern chicken soufflé topped with tomatillas.
Dessert couldn't be topped.
We split the bananas foster soufflé.
I think the incredible food from the weekend cancelled out the suckiness of work.
That's the purpose of food, right?
A positive post about being a PA is coming soon.

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