Friday's Letters

Sep 13, 2013

Dear Sprinkles,
Cookies, too?
Dear Mags,
I'm glad we got to celebrate your birthday together and also cheer on the dawgs (for a few minutes at least).
Dear anyone going through rush at Louisiana Tech University,
If you didn't go Sigma Kappa, I'm terribly sorry.
That sounded so Mean Girls of me.
Dear whoever invented the greenie,
You really have helped us out when it comes to getting Charlie to cooperate for photos.
Dear Dillards,
I'm still in shock over your oh-so-very-Anthro selection in your 75% off sale last weekend.
I was in the correct store, right?
Dear sun,
I do like how well you photograph, but I don't love you.
Time to go away now.
Dear Netters Anatomy Book,
Even though you made me want to strangle myself in PA school, I'm quite entertained at the fact that you are now getting used by my other half.
I must admit, I never thought I would be wiping the dust off you so soon (at least for another 7 years when I have to re-take my boards)
Drinking a beer and watching Josh study anatomy for work is quite the entertainment.
My how the roles have reversed.
Dear Charlie,

1 comment:

Leah said...

Love your letters. :)

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