Friday's Letters {Double Dose}

Sep 6, 2013

Since I missed last week's Friday's Letters post, you get a double dose of letters this week. 
Not really.

Dear Trader Joe's,
I intentionally bought a snack before I got groceries in fear of buying everything I saw out of hunger.
Stupid tactic, because I still left with everything in sight.
Gluten free chocolate chip cookies. Individually packaged snack bags of kettle corn. Cheap wine.
Please stop being so darn good at making everything ever.
Dear BirchBox limited edition home box,
Thanks for providing me with a really cute knife that I often forget to use.
From now on, I promise to give all of my kitchen utensils a fair shot.
Dear that last day of work before a vacation (aka last Thursday),
Sometimes a chocolate cake donut from Hypnotic with salted caramel icing and local coffee grounds sprinkled on top is all it takes to make you suck a little less.
Thanks Josh and Mikey for my midday treat that was vitally necessary for my survival.
Dear my former 1990s Lisa Frank lovin' self,
I'm shocked I never decorated my crutches like this as a child (all those times I pretended like a broke a bone)
Dear mushroom lovers,
I've got a pretty fantastic recipe coming for you next week.
Aren't these little Trader Joe's portobellos the cutest?
Dear Washington state, 
This is weird and I do no approve.
I know southerners like gravy on nearly everything, but I've never come across this disgusting in a southern gas station.
Well, I take that back.
The level of redneck I've witnessed in Louisiana gas stations may top a sausage gravy machine.
Dear Sprinkles Ice Cream shop,
Quit it.
Just stop right now.
The options are endless. 
Ice cream cones (with cupcakes on top), ice cream sandwiches (made with cupcakes), cupcake blended milkshakes?
I have never experienced menu anxiety like I did last night.
I'm not complaining one darn bit about my decision though.
Red velvet ice cream sandwiched between red velvet cupcakes.
For real.
Next timeI've already decided I'm getting salted caramel ice cream sandwiched between snickerdoodle cookies.

Dear Nicole,
mind. blown.
I'm so so so very happy for you!
Have I mentioned I love your bridesmaid gift packaging?
It's whats on the inside outside that counts, right?
Dear Edward Sharpe and The Magnetic Zeros,
Once again you have blown our minds and made us the happiest concert goers known to man.
I don't think I'll be able to wipe my smile off this face for a while.
Happy music is where it's at, folks.
Happy Friday guys!


Corianne Burton said...

I'm dying. SAUSAGE GRAVY IN A GAS STATION!? I live in Washington and I'm horrified! Lol. Love your Letters!!!! Love Trader Joe's, too. Like... obsessed.

Bad Luck Jenn said...

This post is filled with so many sweets and I'm loving it! And I can't even with the sausage gravy machine..

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