Friday's Letters (on Sunday)

Sep 22, 2013

Dear hours in the day,
 I need more of you.
Mostly so I can just wrastle with Charlie.
Dear Project Life,
I had no idea you existed until last week and I'm hooked.
Dear Beautiful Mess app,
Even though I'm about 398420934820398 years too late, you are pretty cool.
Also, you are pretty perfect for the previously mentioned project.
Dear Allie,
I'm pretty darn glad we got to spend lots of quality time together last weekend.
You are the greatest.
Dear Allie, 
See the previous letter.
Dear pool,
I know a "cold front" came through this weekend, but why does 80 degree weather keep everyone from going to the pool?
Dear previously mentioned pool,
I surely do love you.
(Only when you are empty and there is no douchey music playing)
Hey Allie,
Have I mentioned I'm glad you came to Dallas?
Dear prettiest gals in the world,
I'm glad y'all are my friends and my sisters.
Dear Monday,
Can tomorrow just be Friday?

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Karli at Girls Traveling said...

hey girl hey! i'm karli and blog over at

#1. i kinda love your blog. it's fresh and a fun read. thanks! new follower!

#2. since we have a similar number of followers would you want to do a little button swap action?!

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