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Sep 16, 2013

Hey ya'll! It's Morgan from A City for Three. 
Emily was kind enough to invite me here for a quick ramble (oxymoron?) about the life of my little family. I've popped up in her blog space a couple of times before... once to relive the magic of Amsterdam, once because I awkwardly asked Emily out on a blogger date, and then most recently, Emily shared the story of how I found out I was pregnant! I have since given birth to that sweet baby (if you are the birth-story-junkie-type like myself, feel free to click over to parts 1, 2, and 3) and my blog has rapidly spiraled out of control and into mommy-blog-dom. 
I am just kidding, of course, I love mommy blogs. 
But my blog used to resemble Emily's a bit more. You see, Em and I, we have a whole lot in common. Not only are we both southern, but we also share a very healthy appetite for good food, good beer, good music, fun travel, and bearded men. 
Allow me to compare our husbands, for example:
But, I don't really write about those things anymore. 
Not as much as I'd like. 
Needless to say, getting pregnant and having a brand new baby kind of completely changed my life... 
Opportunities to enjoy a crisp craft brew have dropped drastically since last October. Travel is tricky with a newborn and trickier with corporately controlled vacation days, so our only trips planned for the rest of 2013 are to visit the new grandparents. Good food and good music are still enjoyed, but primarily within the confines of our apartment- babies don't love loud concerts or hip restaurants. My reality has shifted tremendously, and my blog reflects that. But, I continue to try to write about what inspires me in a way that, hopefully, inspires others. 

Right now, I lead simple days that follow a feed baby-change baby-rock baby to sleep pattern. My hippie, wood working husband comes home to me at 6pm in business-casual attire, and we are in bed early to get some sleep while we can. So I find magic in small things: morning cuddles, family picnics, a short time spent on the Chicago lakefront. In the middle of the night, when I've woken up to feed Opal for the second time, blinking constantly just to keep my heavy eyelids open... and her little palms open up, her fingers grasp my right collarbone, and wrap around my left triceps... well, that feels intentional. That feels like love. And there is magic for me there.
And it is good. This ordinary life I lead is good. But it is not our wood shop in the mountains. And even on the same day that I find great peace with where we are at, my husband comes home to admit that his cubicle is slowly sucking the life out of him. So, this is yet another season. I will not be a suburban stay at home mom forever; Andrew will not always be an international businessman with a clean shave and dress slacks. Our lives will constantly be taking new turns, as we chase new dreams, seeking new inspiration... and the bravery to do so is based entirely on the knowledge that we have each other. and that is what I blog about. I blog about these two people who are really my entire world, because, well, in the words of Ben Harper: "When I search my heart it's you I find".
See. Good Music.


Sarah Smith said...

This is so amazing! You capture the thoughts of many people in our times..who are where you are, on their way to where you are, or fear it big time, but look forward to it all at the same time (me). I appreciate your realness!

A and B said...

such a sweet post! I love it!

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