Brewsday: Peticolas Brewery Tour

Oct 23, 2013

A few weekends ago (after I recuperated from my week long Philly work conference coma) Josh and I enjoyed a longgggggg relaxing weekend in Dallas.
Although we live here, we rarely have a spare weekend (that can involve alcohol)
If we aren't busy with a wedding/shower/engagementparty/vacation then we are only in Dallas for the weekend because I am on call.
We decided to test out one of the newer breweries in town: the Peticolas Brewery.
Josh has been wanting to go on this tour forever.
He's annointed this local beer as his all-time favorite in the area.
It sometimes seems like their beers are pretty hard to find around here, and we quickly learned why.
The man who started the brewery is Michael Peticolas.
He's a lawyer with an excellent taste for good quality beer. 
He only recently hired employees, and from overhearing a few conversations during the tour, I gathered that it's pretty darn hard to get hired by him.
He's quite the cocky confident fellow, but we loved it.
He gives each tour himself, and if you are standing around chatting with your friends distracting others from learning all about beer, then he promptly and loudly asks you to leave the room (via his megaphone)
He was awesome.
He doesn't advertise or bottle his beer.
He relies on the power of the people to spread the love for his beer via word of mouth.
If you like his beer, you go to a bar and ask if they have it on draft.
If enough people ask for it then the bar will start thinking "What the heck is this Peticolas and how can we get some?"
It may sound crazy, but it's working.
They only do tours every 1st and 3rd Saturday of every month.
If you are in the area and have some spare time, I'd highly recommend checking it out!
If you can't, then find some on draft and take in all the hoppy goodness.

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Audrey @ An Aud Blog said...

Wow, that's a unique brewery. He sounds like quite a character. My husband is a brewery lover. Always a big part of any road trip!

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