Anniversary Celebrations

Nov 20, 2013

Our anniversary weekend started off like this.
I'm pretty sure I experienced what death feels like and I'm gonna go ahead and blame it on Obamacare (or my flu shot).
Either way, I was out for the count and slept for about 34809238490328 hours.
I was magically revived by four fantastic slices of heaven brought to me by the greatest husband of all time.
We ate them too fast to take photos, but take my word for it, each and every bite was magical.
Emporium Pies is the (particularly Cloud Nine: butterscotch pudding with caramel and brown sugar meringue)

Sunday (our anniversary) I woke up feeling brand new.
It was one of the most refreshing mornings ever, actually.
We had the door wide open all day because the weather was incredible.
I had home-made blueberry muffins in the oven and iced coffee in my mug while our favorite vinyls were spinning on the record player.
I wrote one of the most heartfelt blog posts of my life (here)
Call me dramatic, but it really was a perfect day.

Even though this perfect day consisted of 85 degree weather, we decided to start a new tradition by putting up Christmas decorations every year on our anniversary.
Sorry Thanksgiving.
We exchanged gifts, and I was finally able to reveal to Josh the project I've been working on for three long months.
I had full intentions of making a photo album/scrapbook of our first 52 weeks of marriage using the Project Life packages.
For some reason I heavily underestimated the time involved in this project and I was only able to complete 8 weeks, but hey, he loved it.
More on that coming to the blog soon.
Even though Josh is planning a top-secret anniversary trip, he still grabbed a few really thoughtful gifts for me (and a fantastic card)
Remember how awesome our wedding cakes were?
Go here in case you don't.
Well they were a little less awesome a year later.
We opted out of attempting to eat these disgusting specimens of one year old wedding cake
 My aunt made the pound cake at our wedding, and my sweet mom got her recipe and mailed us a fresh one to eat for our anniversary.
 I attempted some homemade icing and made a cake topper since I left our original one in Louisiana.
(Thanks Pinterest)
Thankfully, I had a co-worker cover call for me so I could enjoy three stress free hours to celebrate our anniversary over dinner. 
We loved Meddlesome Moth so much, we decided to go back! 
Would you believe I've been married to that stud for a year now?
Me neither.

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the Florkens said...

I LOVE that you got fresh cake!!!! Adam and I saved a single piece from our top layer and after only 2.5 months in the freezer it looks rough. I'm thinking we treat ourselves to cupcakes from the bakery that made our cake on our anniversary!

Also -- Happy Anniversary! :)


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