Friday's Letters

Jan 31, 2014

Dear Dad,
Thanks for shipping me the greatest cake of all time: a king cake from Julie Anne's Bakery.
I'm glad you understand that Texas is a bottomless pit of terrible king cakery. 
Dear salespeople of Whole Foods, 
Do I have a sign on my forehead that says "Talk to this girl she will buy whatever you tell her to"?
I may be a sucker, but both of these items have been my crack lately.
P.S. Chia seeds deserve a high five for giving me flashbacks to my favorite drink of the 90s: Orbitz
Dear Josh,
You are so very welcome for being the best wife ever and driving you a total of 8+ hours in one day while you took shots of liquid courage in order to do something very brave last weekend.
Dear chicken salad,
I've never been a fan of you until we ran out of ingredients for dinner and I was too lazy to go to the grocery store.
The combination of shredded chicken, avocado, greek yogurt, and Tony Cachere's is our new staple.
Dear Josh again,
You are pretty hot in your stunna shades and your scruffy scruff.
Dear Charlie, 
You are pretty rude.
Dear huge forehead/double chin camera angle,
You are Josh's favorite thing in America.
Dear ACL reconstruction videos,
Thanks to the fact that Modern Family was a re-run this week, we got to watch you.
All. Night. Long.
Dear Slutty Charles,
Go home, you're drunk.
Dear anyone taking the time to read today's silly post,
My hometown of 20,000 people has raised over $11 million for St. Judes in the last 9 years with our annual auction.
Help us raise money for a cure this year by buying raffle tickets on some of these great items:
Visit anytime this weekend to get your tickets.
Visit this blog post to learn more about the annual auction.
(or watch this video if you need a good cry today)

Happy Friday Folks :)


Kim said...

We put Tony Cachere's on everything. Also, that king cake looks awesome.

Audrey @ An Aud Blog said...

Your comments to Charlie are so funny.

brooke lyn said...

Tony Cachere's is a must in our kitchen. it goes on EVERYTHING

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