Portland {Part 3}

Jan 15, 2014

To cap off our little visit to Portland, we hit the high points:
Voodoo Donuts 
The Deschutes Brewery
Henry's (even though we live next door to it in Plano)
The coast (and the Goonies Rock!)

Have I mentioned how much I love this city?
The yellow leaves were my favorite.
We were fully prepared for the Voodoo Donut lines to be insane.
The wait went by really fast though, thanks to the homeless street performers.
Glittery bricks.
Attention to detail.
. . . beware of the voodoo magic!
I've never experienced menu anxiety like this before.
Sweating. Panic. The shakes.
What to do!
When in doubt, just get a coffin full of donuts.
We settled on:
The Voodoo Doll
The Gay Bar (cream filled topped w/ fruit loops)
Dirty Snowball (chocolate doughnut w/ marshmallow topping, coconut & peanut butter)
Bacon Maple Bar 
The Old Dirty Bastard (chocolate donut topped with oreos and peanut butter)
Honestly, I couldn't pick a favorite.
They were all incredible, and now I'm just sitting here, staring at this photo, craving each & every one.
Is it weird that I saved the lid of the box?
I loved staring (and drooling) over all the Pendleton wool in the window of the Portland Outdoor Store.
We spent the afternoon of our last full in day town on the coast.
There aren't many places in America where you can drive an hour east to the mountains and an hour east to the coast.
It was another great experience (except for seeing these signs everywhere).
The fog-lined coast was gorgeous.
Goonies fans, anyone?
Josh is so artsy.
We will call this one: Pacific coast shadow.
Hey whale.
On our way back into town I made Josh drive across the Burnside bridge until I got the perfect photo of the stag sign.
Josh told me I was the ultimate Portland tourist carrying around Voodoo and Stumptown.
Saturday night dinner:
$5 for an incredible slice of pizza and a local brew
I don't remember which pizza I had but I do remember thinking it was one of the best ever.
. . . now I'm angry I can't remember.
Guess we'll just have to go back.
We topped off the night with some samplers at the Deschutes brewery (followed by some not-samplers)
I wasn't sure if I was just seeing things or not, but this picture proves that there truly is a Doc Martens store on this planet.
On our last morning in our new favorite city, I took a bath while eating leftover Voodoo Donuts and drinking Stumptown cold brew.
Best. Bath. Ever.
. . . followed by drinking chocolates from Cacao for breakfast, no joke.
Cacao was attached to our hotel.
We couldn't just not go there.
We did some last minute souvenir shopping (and found this awesome boutique/record label) where we stocked up on some Christmas tree ornaments and Typhoon records.
I also fell in love with this boutique (and got suckered into buying a wool clutch)
The original Henry's.
A little flashback to the 'ol stomping grounds.
Our final meal was back at Deschutes Brewery (we couldn't get enough of that place).
Look at that sexy man and his sexy new shirt.
Such a bittersweet feeling, leaving Portland after celebrating one year of marriage with my favorite travel partner.
I couldn't have asked for a more perfect vacation! 
In case you want to catch up on the rest of our trip you can go here for part one and here for part two!
Video recap coming soon . . . 


brooke lyn said...

just move here already. ps. be jealous i am getting voodoo tomorrow ;)

Kim said...

That looks like such a fun trip! I've been wanting to go there.

P.S. Love your blog!

Cara Beth said...

I'm drooling over the Pendleton wool!

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