Friday's Letters

Jan 12, 2014

Dear Sunday,
Let's pretend like you are still Friday.

Dear new record player,
I love that you confuse the crap out of Charlie.
Dear longggg weekend of shopping with the gals,
I think it's been a full year since I could honestly say I've shopped for over an hour.
You were lovely and I'm now extra broke.
Dear Ellie,
No sleeping past 7am in this house.
Dear Charlie,
Stop being so gangsta.
Dear patterned leggings,
Even though I'm rather late to this trend, you fit in quite nicely with my oversized sweater collection.
Dear bows-n-bangs,
I'm glad you are a trend that is dead and gone (although, I did pull it off quite nicely at the ripe age of 8, eh?)
Dear Adam and Bart,
Happy Birthday you old men you. 
Dear Texas,
Quit trying to make king cakes. 
You are absolutely terrible at it.
 Dear five people pictured below,
I like you a lot.
A whole heck of a lot.

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