Tunesday: Typhoon {A Take Away Show}

Jan 29, 2014

This band provided the soundtrack for our anniversary trip to Portland (appropriately so, because they are locals and we were able to see them perform while we were there).
We briefly heard them at the Sasquatch Music Festival at The Gorge in 2011, but we really fell in love with them after seeing them perform live in Portland.
Over the last few months their songs have been on repeat non-stop in our cars, on our record player, and our desktop and I'm not even close to being sick of it.
Similar to the feeling you get when you hear your wedding first dance song, we can't hear their songs without having flashbacks to the joy experienced driving alongside the Columbia River surrounded by the waterfalls and mountains of Oregon.
The songs in this video are a few years old, but their newest album White Lighter is definitely worth a measely $9.99 iTunes purchase. 

1 comment:

brooke lyn said...

swoon. love this take away show. love them.

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