Life Update

Jan 7, 2014

In the last three weeks I have:

. . . forgotten to finish blogging about our fantastic anniversary getaway to Portland.
. . . taken Uber home from my company Christmas party for the first time.
For free.
Greatest experience ever.
Clean, cheap, and easy.
(I forgot to take pictures the whole night, whoops)
. . . made 16 quarts of THE BEST SALSA IN THE WORLD for Christmas gifts.
. . . eight of those sixteen quarts was just for Josh alone.
Stingy, eh?
 . . . finally been able to try Stampede 66's Sunday Supper.
Honey injected fried chicken, y'all.
 . . . taken a trip of a lifetime to Disney with the fam.
. . . we couldn't leave without attempting to recreate this lovely photo from 1995
(More juicy Disney goodness coming soon)
 . . . watched Josh transform from a judger of all neck-pillow wearers to a believer that a neck pillow cures all.
 . . . got in lots of quality snuggle time with this guy.
 . . . got asked to be a Matron of Honor in my best friend's wedding. 
Then I proceeded to bawl my eyes out reading her sweet note (followed by stuffing my face with the incredible Nola goodies she shared with me.)
. . . tried some of Shreveport, LA's newest craft brews.
Yes, you heard that right.
Shreveport, Louisiana has craft beer (with the cutest little logo of all time).
. . . learned to knit!
. . . watch Charlie get mesmerized by our new contraption
. . . fallen in love with Moscow mules.
(Now to just find a great copper cup, any recommendations?)
. . . been SO thankful to have this guy by my side through the brutal month of December.
SO appreciative for a new year! 
Also, I'm guest posting on sweet Bri's blog {Mamages} today while she spends some time with her sweet baby Charlotte.
. . . not that I know anything about raising a human being; I do have some solid travel advice on "babymoon" locations.
Go here to check it out!


Hannah Crain said...

Fun times! Knitting, travels, honey injected fried chicken?!

Terri said...

I found some copper mugs at World Market after Christmas. a little on the pricey side, but it might be a good place to start!

Elle said...

wow! it's been a busy month for you guys. that charlie is just the cutest :)

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