Em's Bachelorette Bash

Mar 13, 2014

One of my best friends, Emily, is getting married in a few weeks!
Emily and I were roommates in college, and I'm so happy that Chase bit the big 'ol bullet and decided to marry this truly great girl.
Together with some friends, we celebrated all things Emily last weekend in Dallas for her bachelorette party.
Dallas is such a great place to have a girls weekend.
We hit all the high points.
The Maid of Honor did such a great job at taking care of everything.
 She chose for us to stay at the Hotel Palomar, which was such a cute boutique hotel in a great location with top-notch staff.
We started the weekend Friday night on Knox-Henderson at The Old Monk, followed by a late night snack at Cafe Brazil.
For Saturday we went to The Porch for brunch, followed by dessert at Sprinkles.
It is completely normal to have dessert after brunch, right?
We had reservations that afternoon to get pampered with blowouts at Dry Bar, and Emily's sweet mother surprised us all with a limo for the evening.
After a few drinks, games, and gifts at the hotel, we rode in style to Stampede 66 followed by drinks uptown. 
I'll let the photos from the weekend speak for themselves.
At least the ones that were appropriate enough to be put on the blog.
. . . but isn't the future Mrs. Burns just the cutest?
Excuse the excessive food and drink pics.
I just really love food and drinks and The Porch.
With our new fancy hair-dos, we returned to the room and finalized all the decorations for the lingerie shower.
Fresh strawberry margs, corset cookies, and cookie butter popcorn (with Cadbury eggs mixed in) made for a darn good lingerie shower.
Dirty charades was a hit.
. . . needless to say, these little boogers came in handy once Sunday morning rolled around.
Partially thanks to Claire's $300 public-display-of-a-champagne-purchase at dinner ;)
The weekend was definitely one to remember.
Quality girls weekends, particularly with your college friends, seem few and far between.
I'm so glad we were all able to get together, catch up, and make memories.
I love you Em, and I'm so happy we were able to spend a weekend celebrating YOU.

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