Mar 21, 2012

Days like today, where I spend half the day working my behind off at the hospital without getting paid and then coming home to study all afternoon/night reallllyyyyy make me miss college.
Not really caring about being on time or what to wear to class.
Thursday nights.
Waffle House.
Spare time.
You know, college things.

I went to Louisiana Tech University in Ruston, LA.
Some of my fellow alumni are: Karl Malone (NBA player), Kix Brooks (Brooks and Dunn), and Terry Bradshaw (NFL player).
Rosemary Ellis (the editor-in-chief of Good Housekeeping) was also an alum, and the speaker at my graduation ceremony!
Sometimes I regret not going to LSU, but I truly loved my time in Ruston and made some incredibly memories there (and had I not gone to Tech, I would have never re-met Josh!)

Here are some of my favorite pics from my college experience as a bulldog:

This is my high school and dance friend Lexie (who just so happened to be on Say Yes To The Dress last week!)

Even puppy Charles was a proud Tech supporter!

Josh's last home game as a Tech student, twas a sad day.

My graduation!
. . . which was only two days before we started PA school.
 Jenna and I had a whoooole 1 day long summer vacation!

The only thing I left out of this post was the huge chunk that took up 75% of my time, but made my experience in college so worth it: my sorority Sigma Kappa.
Sigma Kappa post coming soon, no worries!


Alyx said...

You were a cheerleader?! How fun!
Wait... does this mean you can do backflips and stuff?
If so... you need to do a vlog where you do a backflip, because that would just be awesome.

Nicole said...

Love the blog. Totally your newest follower!

Rebecca said...

I miss college too! Especially on sunny warm days, when skipping class just to lay out by the water was still an option!

Alison said...

I totally understand! There are days that I miss college like crazy - those days were the best!

lori said...

i miss college sometimes, too. minus the stress of classes, papers and projects.

i had my heart set on going to georgia state university... and got denied (i applied early)... so i decided to go to georgia college and state university (it was a smaller school, we didnt even have a football team.) i received an acceptance letter from georgia state RIGHT after paying my tuition to gcsu... im SO glad i did, because thats were i met my husband. funny how things work out ;)

Unknown said...

You are gorgeous!. Thank you for your lovely comment, i've put your blog button on my blog if you could put mine on yours when i send it.


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