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Mar 5, 2012

Number one:
Remember when I posted about James Vincent McMorrow?
Josh informed me (of course) that he just released an EP on iTunes.
He covers Chris Issak's "Wicked Games" which is amazing, but my personal favorite is this one:

Number two:
This is the greatest season of the year.
It's crawfish season! yayyyyyy!

. . . and girl scout cookie season!
Thank you Jesus for letting my mom have no restraints when her sweet kindergarteners beg her for all of her money.

Number three:
I love how the VA hospital is America's number one fan.
Knock-off Michelle Obama perfume for sale in the lobby.

Number four:
Does anyone use the website zamzar? 
It's basically a website that converts youtube videos to mp3s.
I converted Josh's youTube sensation to mp3 and I've kinda been listening to it on repeat, I feel like a creepy stalker.

Number five:
. . . um this, this is just awesome

Number 6:
Seriously, Wal-Mart?

Number 7:
Ellie and I found this sweet little tulip patch on our Sunday run.

Number 8:
 I miss Charlie
. . . and I'm pretty positive he's looking for me over Josh's balcony

 Number 9:
The whole fam went to see The Lorax last night (which was probably the first movie we have all seen together since Little Mermaid was in theaters) and then we stopped to get frozen yogurt on the way home.
I am a 4 year old when it comes to froyo toppings.

Which led to this convo:

Number 10:
Ellie is looking for a roommate at Tulane this coming fall.
If anyone knows a cool/normal/nice girl that will be in New Orleans as well (emphasis on the normal) then let me know (for fear of getting paired with a weirdo in the random potluck dorm assignment)

P. S.
Dear balancing broom thing, I'm over you.


Anonymous said...

i saw that henna placenta stuff in walgreens and had the same reaction! what on earth!? haha!

Rebecca said...

EWwww Henna Placenta? WHATTTTTTTTT?

Robin said...

Thank you thank you thank you...zamzar is awesome and I feel like it should be illegal. But I am loving it! Also, I really like that James Vincent McMorrow video, thanks for sharing darling!
I also currently want all your girlscout cookies & your cereal topped froyo deliciousness! :]

Alyx said...

Sigh. I wish I was near all those boxes of GS cookies.

lori said...

mmmm girl scout cookies. i only bought 2 this year... they're in the freezer. {SO good cold!}. im trying to savor them!

Contemplating Beauty said...

YOu are a CRACK up, I love it!!! wow you like Crawfish?!

Tell me about this perfume, I am not sure I'm aware of it, ...

packed post, love it, fun to follow your life this way!

The Everything List said...

love the tulip patch!! tulips are one of my top three fave flowers (the others being ranunculus and peonies).

thanks for stopping by the blog. come again soon!

A and B said...

I love James Vincent McMorrow! I'm pretty sure nothing is better than listening to his dreamy voice while eating boxes of Samoa cookies!

Kasey Lynne said...

Henna Placenta? umm gross.

Did you know that you can buy Girl Scout Cookie ice cream???? Oh my gosh..the Thin Mint one is SO yummy.

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