A week of weird things

Mar 16, 2012

This week was jam packed full of wacky and weird things.
Prepare yourself.
Okayy, it's not really all thaaaat weird.

Mom received this hilarious random wrong number text:

Right now my PA school clinical rotation is Internal Medicine inpatient at the VA hospital.
I am on a team of three doctors plus one med student.
One of the three doctors is Indian, and I have spent most of this week culturing him, as well as being cultured in return.
I taught him all about American things: girl scout cookies, Big Mouth Billy Bass, and how it is incredibly not cool to say chillaxing or mofo.
He taught me how to play cricket and took the team to an Indian restaurant in town.
I have never had Indian food before and I was terrified.
This may be no big deal to most people, but to me (the little girl who hates ketchup and most vegetables) it's HUGE.
I ate the food and I liked the food.
Of course, my favorite parts were the naan (bread on the left) and gulab (the dessert cakey balls in a pool of buttery syrup on the right)
I live my life like I am carb loading for a weekly marathon, btw.

I got to do a paracentesis!
Education time!
Many patients come to the VA suffering from chronic alcoholism, and that can lead to many liver problems. One main problem is cirrhosis, which is basically a buildup of fluid in the belly, making you look like a pregnant man.

You have to have the fluid drained out of their abdomen regularly, because over time it can build up causing extreme pressure and pain.
Sticking a huge needle in someone's belly without knowing exactly where his colon is a tad bit freaky.
Perforated colons are bad bad bad bad bad bad.
But I did it! No holy colons here!
I didn't take any pictures of the procedure, but I found these on google to make it easier to understand.

Awesome, right?

Earlier this week, Trish and I were discussing when we would be forced to succumb to the Facebook Timeline saga of 2012.
I googled it, and found this little tutorial on Facebook's blog.
Facebook has a blog? Right. Weird.
Anyways, I proceeded to scroll down only to have a mini heart attack because I'm pretty sure I saw myself.
She even has crooked alien fingers like me!
And I've taken many underwater pictures similar to this . . . 

I'm not sure how I noticed this little dude on my tire after work today, but I felt the need to save his life.
Now, this takes the cake for the ultimate weird thing of the week.
Ross, Josh's cousin/roommate sent me this pic from Dallas.
Now I know Charlie acts like a toddler, but it's borderline pitiful really sweet? how Josh can't leave his side for .2 seconds (he even brings him with him in the car everytime he goes to the grocery store)

Oh, and Josh got to go see Andrew Bird at The Majestic Theater in Dallas last night:

Any Dunston Checks In fans out there? I'm pretty sure I could quote the entire movie.


Amira said...

I am so impressed with your job and the things you do, very cool! and I'm so glad you finally tried Indian food, I love Indian food like a mofo. ;-)

Nicole said...

o.m.geeee. that wrong number text is so hilarious. can you imagine how embarrassed you would be?! i would be. :)

happy friday to you!

Jenn @ What You Make It said...

The text to your mom made me laugh out loud : ) Ewww about the paracentesis!



Heather said...

It is so amazing that you can do procedures like that without passing out. I had to quickly scan the pictures without looking too in detail. I'm very impressed!

Great accidental text to your mom also. :)

Natalie | Mrs. Janney | said...

I think my father in law is having a paracentesis done right now (he has liver cancer, completely not related to alcoholism) and my husband was all impressed I knew about it. So thanks! :)

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