Our first trip to the Gorge

Mar 1, 2012

 Due to the complexities of not having any official scheduled vacation time (thank you PA school), I'm currently having travel withdrawal.
 In mourning, I dug up some old pics from my first trip to Seattle & The Gorge.

Even though I've already blogged about our most recent trip to the northwest for the Sasquatch Music Festival,  our first trip to Seattle/The Gorge together was probably the most magical.
Magical is a cheesy word to use there, but I'm too tired to thesaurus it.
 Josh had been already been three times (for the annual Labor Day weekend three night Dave Matthews concerts each year) but I wasn't able to go until 2010.
Darn you Rush Week, always getting in the way.

Excuse the picture vomit, I just have so many beautiful sights captured on film that I wanted to share!
Josh has always stayed in the Queen Anne Inn, and I was pretty pumped to finally stay there myself.
I fell in love, especially with the view!

The Queen Anne was walking distance from my favorite grocery store in Seattle andddd our favorite bar: Floyd's. 

We did the usual Seattle sight-seeing with a quick stop at the market, and the flowers were gorgeous at this time of the year! 

These were my favorite . . .

Love the cat whisperer! 

Pretty proud of my purchase . . .

Before we took off for The Gorge, we made a quick stop at Red Mill Burgers (Man Vs. Food, duhhh) for the most amazing meal of our existence. 
Or maybe just the most amazing meal of 2010.
Maybe. Yea.

It's a three hour drive from Seattle to George comma Washington, but I could probably drive 394820934832098 hours with these views.

3 days of camping and 2 nights of Dave Matthews Band with Josh 

Hardcore superman couples yoga right there . . .

Some of our fans from the Saturday night show were: Big Eyed Fish, Stay Or Leave, Fool To Think, Rye Whiskey, So Right, All Along The Watchtower, & Needle And The Damage Done 

Our neighbor friends from Oregon made us french toast for breakfast with real maple syrup! 

Day 2 was sunny as can be!

Perfect kite and frisbee weather!

There are tons of vineyards around The Gorge and every once in a while we ran into some random grapevines.

The Sunday night show was my favorite because we got to hear one of the bands unreleased songs "Break For It" 

Successful weekend with my favorite men, Josh and Dave of course.

It was a sunny drive home, and we even caught a glimpse of Mt. Rainier.
 (That is Mt. Rainier, right?)

Before catching our plane, we grabbed breakfast at Beth's Cafe (Man vs. Food, again, duh).
'twas magical.
As expected.

 . . . and that was the start of my love affair with Seattle.
So jealous of you that get to call that city home!


Unknown said...

these pictures are lovely! especially of the scenery on your drive :) i live in seattle, and although i cannot stand the rain, it is quite pretty. you need to come back!!

Rachel said...

Looks like an amazing trip!I am in awe of the gorgeous views!And may have drooled a little over the cheese burger and onion rings!haha!

Jenn @ What You Make It said...

This is so fantastic! Love that you documented it so well : ) I'm going to Seattle in July for a couple days to visit one of my best friends before our cruise to Alaska, and she promised to take me on a tour - so excited! I've been there twice, but never really got to be a tourist.



ms.composure said...

stumbled onto your blog and just wanted to leave you a little blog luv! Def enjoyed reading this post!! looks like you guys had an amazing time!!


Kym+Dustin said...

Seattle is pretty cool! We live close to Queen Anne and really enjoy it here! The Gorge amphitheater looks like such a beautiful venue for a concert!I wanna go!!!
Were also a fan of Man vs Food and have eaten at Red Mill burgers! SO YUMMY! My husband is always saying he wants to go to Beth's and we haven't been, so we will check it out! Have a great day!- Kym

Anonymous said...

okay SERIOUSLY!!?!

how cute are you two?!?

darling blog.

Unknown said...

Loving looking at this post! My bff just moved to Yakima and she went to the gorge to see dave matthews last year! Y'alls pictures are identical! How cool ! Just followed your blog :)

Breakfast at the Zemke's said...

My husband and I have been dying to go there for quite some time. Hopefully we'll make it up there soon one of these days. Looks like you guys had a blast, I'm jealous!!

Courtney B said...

These pictures are BEAUTIFUL! I want to visit sooooo badly! SO fun for you!
And helllllo... you are GORGEOUS!

Makaila said...

Loved, loved your pictures. The Gorge is one of my favorite places, period. Just amazing. I've told people that haven't been that one really should not die having never seen the Gorge, it is Must. Last time i was there was for Coldplay a few years ago..I'm due a trip soon, thanks so much for sharing!

Ps, the pic of you guys in Pikes Market w the fish on top of your guys' head cracked me up. :)

Tracy said...

How amazing is The Gorge?! My husband and I were there two years ago for a Kings of Leon concert, and I am totally jealous you saw DMB there! That is at the tippy top of my bucket list. I will also accept Bon Iver at Red Rocks!

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jonnybones said...

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