Road trip flashback: Charlottesville, VA

Mar 8, 2012

Road trip to Charlottesville, VA to see a two night Dave Matthews Band concert.
I miss college.
Charlottesville easily became one of my favorite cities in America.
We were there in the middle of spring, and the weather couldn't have been more ideal.

Side note: Charlottesville is Dave Matthews hometown, which was kinda a big deal for these two hardcore fans . . .
(and the bar Miller's is also where Dave used to work in his younger years)

In case you are wondering where my marshmallow cheeks went, this was also right after our first round of P90x.

My favorite meal in Charlottesville was a little burger place called Boylan Heights right besides the UVA campus.
I think I just loved the fact that to place your order you had to fill out a scantron.

The boys found the Sigma Nu House!
. . . oh yea, Bart was there.

. . . and being a former Sigma Nu White Rose, I felt obligated to take a picture as well.
I'm a loser.

Somehow I didn't get any pictures from the actual concert.
I believe our seats were just thaaaat far away that I figured a picture wouldn't be worth it.

After the show the first night, we were able to go to a private party (which is why we had the cool pink bracelets?)

. . . and bubbles were involved.

The third day we came across a lot of interesting things . . .

Lots of live music!
. . . like a free Tim Reynolds concert, which was amazing.

. . . and a Parisian fellow


Scary man.

It wouldn't be a two night DMB show if we didn't play the setlist game . . .
I won.

Happiest DMB moment of my life=They played Pig
I am complete.
. . . and rather sweaty.

Does anyone else have a concert moment that made them the happiest kiddo in the world?


lori said...

so funny, i just got an email saying that dmb is coming to atlanta. my favorite concert moment would be when sister hazel played at my college's homecoming... it was outside, and we were able to bring drinks as long as it was in plastic... so we had a cooler full of smartwater bottles full of alcoholic beverages. SO fun.

Elizabeth @ Love Is the Adventure said...

Happiest concert moment...when Billie Joe Armstrong came out for a second encore and played "Last Night on Earth." Or maybe when he gave the girl who knew all the words to "Basket Case" his guitar. That was good, too. :)

Road trips are the best.

Samantha said...

Ahhh this road trip looks like so much fun! I looooooooove DMB!


PS. Giveaway today!

jes @ twosmuppies said...

LOVE dave matthews and love these pictures!!!

xx jes

Jenn @ What You Make It said...

I'm so excited to see someone post about a place I've actually been/frequent rather often : ) Yay C-ville!


Rebecca said...

I got to be right in the very front row up against the fence when Zac Brown performed at Preakness. The fiddle player in his band is AMAZING and Zac Brown's voice is so good!

Danielle and Trev said...

This place looks ADORABLE! And ROMANTIC! Love it. Your blog is adorable. You are gorgeous! Newest reader :)

Jen said...

Two years ago Dave Matthews was playing the 10,000 Lakes Music Festival. This was also the year that Widespread Panic and Wilco played. I will say that this is the first year where I got all the DMB ticketsI requested, even the hard shows. A few of our friends left Saturday afternoon to avoid the DMB crowd, as they were there to primarily see WSP and Wilco. The crowds definitely did not mesh well.

Bob said...

Cool sidenote: Boyd Tinsley of DMB was a brother of that very Sigma Nu house

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