The Butcher

Apr 19, 2012

I often refer to Josh & my brother (and their friends) as THE funniest people I know, and this little story takes the cake for funniest moments as of lately . . . 

Backstory: Bart (Josh's best friend, I don't claim him, wink wink) was shackin up in Dallas with Josh for a month before he headed to Denver for a training program. 
These two boys are rather mischievous, and that's putting it lightly.
Case in point: They found a freshly killed squirrel on the side of the road, tied it up to fishing line, put it in a tree, tugged it down, and then let Charlie chase it around the apartment complex for a good 20 minutes. 
Imagine: two dudes running around with a dead squirrel on a string.

Back to the funny story . . . 
Before Bart left for Colorado, we enjoyed one last night out in Dallas. 
At the bar, Josh and I were approached by two girls that recognized the guys. 
Josh introduced one of the girls to me as his leasing agent from his apartment. 
Soon therafter Bart walked up and throws his arms up in the air and screams "Da Butchaaaaa".
We all looked at each other in confusion, including the butcher.
Side note: How pissed/confused would you be if you were approached by a random dude calling you The Butcher?
Apparently, Josh and Bart ran into them previously at the gym, and on a whim (an incredibly witty whim) Josh informed Bart that this girl was his butcher from Kroger.
Two weeks later, Bart truly believed he was meeting a mid twenties cute butcher from Kroger, and nearly convinced her she was a butcher.
She never questioned it once.
. . . and they lived happily ever after.
Just kidding, they never spoke again, thank God.

I always feel the need to include a picture, and upon googling "The Butcher" I found this: 

Oh and this was on my phone from our college days working at the best restaurant in town:

No worries, just a dull knife and ketchup.

Happy Thursday!


Alycia Grayce (Crowley Party) said...

Oh my gosh that totally got me for a second! hahaha

Kenz said...


Meredith Sledge said...

WOAH. That looks too real. Haha!

Jenn @ What You Make It said...

Ha! Madness. Love all the funny stories shared : ) That picture freaked me out though! I thought of this picture I saw on Pinterest of this guy hanging off a roof. Caption: When someone is in trouble, don't help. Take a picture ; )

Shawnee said...

ohmygosh that looks soo real! haha, i'm totally pulling that trick when i go home:)

Haylee said...

Oh my gosh that actually looks SO real. haha that's awesome. Like I had to take a triple take before I realized it was fake.

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