Apr 2, 2012

Isn't catching up on sleep the purpose of weekends? Not in our case.
The last few days were pretty much a blur, so here's our weekend via Instagram, of course.

Charles loves Josh's new apartment!
. . . and it even has a leash free dog park, which I am particularly pumped about. 

Friday night relaxation.

The boys carbo loading before the big race.
Beer counts, right?

Josh's new apartment gets an A+ in my book.
Free Chick-fil-a chicken biscuits for breakfast!

Tough mudder time!

After a little delay and some parking chaos . . .
Bart and I dropped off the kiddos off to play around in the mud Saturday.
Unfortunately, due to a "miscommunication" on the website, we didn't get our free beer, but we still enjoyed watching people bust their butts and faces on different obstacles.
All. day. long.

What a hot little muddy man!

They finished! All 12 miles of hell, 5 hours later!
What a great way to celebrate Marshall's 26th birthday.

Tough muddered shoes.
Which supposedly get cleaned and get shipped to Africa.

Bart's Hunger Games knowledge impresses me.
The answer was Reaping.

Sunday we met up with mom, dad, and Ellie for another fantastic brunch at Whiskey Cake.
. . . followed by shopping and Sprinkles.
We finally got to try Sprinkles brown sugar praline cupcake! Heaven! 

Two swimsuits for $50 total and a $10 dress at H&M.
Well done.

. . . and Ellie and I tried our first macaron!
Apparently, we've been missing out.
'twas fabulous.

More Tough Mudder action coming tomorrow, as soon as I catch up on much needed sleep and coat my body in aloe vera.
90 degrees March 31st.
So rude weather, so rude.
How was your weekend?


Alyx said...

That suit is super cute, and those cupcakes look delicious.
Also - I had no clue tough mudder cleaned shoes and sent them to Africa! That's awesome. It's also awesome that those guys finished. They are so hardcore!

Jazz said...

I've never tried those macaron things, I see them everywhere at the moment, so maybe I need to have one sooner or later.
Love the bikini you bought, my local H&M hasn't got any bikinis in at the moment unfortunately!

Natalie | Mrs. Janney | said...

90 degree weather?!? Seriously?!? I am kind of jealous. We have had rain, rain, rain and wind, and more rain. Can we say Vitamin D Deficiency? :)

I need to try a macaron.

Anonymous said...

That mud event looks like a blast ! And your shopping seems really lovely too.. I've tasted macarons only once in my life, they're delicious but maybe I'm not huge fan of the almond in it :) Nice weekend you had, great set of photos! ^^

- Indie by Heart

lori said...

those cupcakes look so good!

and your swim suit is SOOO cute. and great deals!

Kate @ Daffodils said...

What a perfect weekend. God bless those tough mudder boys, I would never make it!

Cait Emma said...

love your blog :0) thanks so much for stopping by mine lovey!


Contemplating Beauty said...

Love these and that first pic by far!!!
SO glad you got to try Sprinkles, pretty amazing huh? Best cake {cup} I've EVER had! I just had one in CA a few weeks ago...we don't have one in MPLS.

Fun catching up this way!

Morgan said...

I just LOVE that they are a team of Ron Pauls ;-) and H&M has definitely got my vote for swimsuits so far this season.

&Thanks for your sweet comment -- for someone who is just starting out in this big blog world, that was pretty much the best note ever to wake up to!

Kristen Victoria said...

Hey love! What a cute blog you got here :) You and your boy are adorable! I loved the photos and the Tough Mudder post- insanity! I wish I was that tough!

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