Another birthday photo tribute!

Apr 4, 2012

Today is one of my greatest friends birthday!

Jennifer and I have been privileged to enjoy many experiences together (and I'll take any excuse to go through old pics, so don't mind me while I mush over our friendship!)
We started off dancing together in high school (I'll save you the torture of enduring those pictures)
and then we went through rush together in college.
 (and joined opposite sororities. awkward.)

We spent maybe 99% of our time in college together (minus that one time)
oh yea and she dated bart (awkward)

We've been cupcake hunting skiin in Breckenridge together

. . . and we hung out in Chicago for Lollapalooza!

I couldn't have chosen a better friend to spend these times with! Now she's a big girl with a big girl job doing big girl things, I'm so proud of you (not to mention jealous of your big girl money!)

Sometimes I hate her because she never lets me forget that she got to see Dirty Projectors at Lollapalooza only 1 hour before I arrived cause my darn flight was delayed.

(Speakin of Dirty Projectors, new single, you're welcome)

. . . but today I love her!
Happy Birthday J-Wo!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Really lovely post again, it's great to hear about your friendships! :)

Hehe, that 2nd awkwardness x)

Have a lovely Easter holiday!

- Indie by Heart

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