Happy {Belated} Sibling Day!

Apr 11, 2012

Ellie and I probably have the coolest brother on planet Earth.

I had no idea of this little holiday, but in the true spirit of not leaving a single holiday behind, be sure to let your siblings know you love them and that you wish them a happy {belated} sibling day!

The three of us have grown to love this little Avett Brothers lyric from their song "Murder in the City" which is oh so appropriate for anyone sharing a last name.
We are incredibly blessed to have been raised by two Christian parents who set the greatest example of love.
The quote truly says it more perfectly that I could ever say it.

Mikey really got us good with this surprise Christmas gift (from Etsy!)
I only shed one tear, I promise.

Last fall, we three Rats (plus Josh) got to enjoy hearing the Avett Brothers sing "Murder In The City" live for the first time all together. 

I was so tempted to overload this post with 39842903849038 pics of us three, but I'll just settle for one of my favorite pictures of us.
Mikey is so good with the whole weird thing.

Happy Sibling Day Mikey and Ellie, I love y'all to the moon and back!


The Adventurer said...

Do you know why you are awesome? BECAUSE aside from the general awesome-ness that you are, you love The Avetts. I love The Avetts. I basically think that warrants us being best blog friends.

Morgan said...

Oh my goodness, you have such a sweet brother!! I love the framed lyrics, what a great song. Now, I am going to go text my three sibs.

meme-and-he said...

siblings day?! alright! I would have never know.

Alycia Grayce (Crowley Party) said...

LOVE the one about sharing names :) perfection!

Anonymous said...

Simply adorable :> I've never heard of that sibling day, we must celebrate it too the next time around! [ ohmm when was it again ]
That quote is perfect, suits to being siblings / parents+kids / married couples .. Lovely.

Indie by Heart

ps. So cool that your school mascot was the apache ! I have no reason why but just love indians.

Unknown said...

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