Hoppy Easter!

Apr 10, 2012

I hope everyone had a fantastic little weekend.
I kinda took a little blog vacation, and I'm not gonna lie, it was rather nice. 
. . . but no worries, I'm back full force starting riiiiiiiiiight about now.

Easter weekend.
I had Friday and Monday off (four day weekend/spring break) and even though we weren't able to travel like we initially hoped, I still had one of the greatest weekends ever.
Staying in town spending lots of quality time with family and friends was much needed and it turned out to be the perfect way to spend the weekend (much better than any road trip, right?)

Highlights of the weekend, via Instagram (and my new favorite app Photo Collage!) of course

Friday morning I got to take my cousin's bridal pictures, and I can't wait until after her wedding in May to share them! 
We had so much fun, and she was the most beautiful bride around!

We also took Mikey suit shopping for his last Sigma Nu formal.
He had to have a linen suit.
So frat.

. . . and I kinda love his fratastic shoes.

 Charles and Josh came to visit!
P.S. Does the fact that Charlie threw up in the toilet make him 1/2 human or 3/4?

We also got to perfect the art of slacklining!

The two college professionals, Josh and Mikey, taught the future college girl the only necessary skill of a college student: frisbee throwing.
In the process of taking this picture . . . 

. . . Charlie shoved my nose into my brains

Then we got in on some of the Masters action.
Apparently The Masters also puts dogs to sleep.

Dear Easter Bunny, please please please come visit me next year. 
I'll never be too old to appreciate you.
I promise.

In true Easter fashion, boiled crawfish and shrimp are a requirement.

. . . followed by a nap!

 Easter dinner leftovers=crawfish and provolone cheese po-boy.

 I probably have the greatest brother and sister in America.

Yesterday, we shopped for a little hipster cruiser for Ellie, the future college gal.

. . . and then we stuffed our faces with some popsicles.
(Ellie's was PB&J on the left, yikes)

. . . and then we saw some real live people putting up a real live KONY sign.
I was incredibly entertained.

I couldn't have asked for a better weekend spent with all my favorite people.
Last night was semi depressing (it felt kinda like the last day of summer vacation) but I can't wait to start studying for my monster test next Friday catch up on so many of my favorite blogs!
Hope y'all had a wonderful weekend as well


Kate @ Daffodils said...

looks like a perfect weekend!

Unknown said...

looks like a fun weekend! And crawfish-po boy left overs. Goodness, drooling over here! Miss you!

Unknown said...

this post is too funny! first of all, your dog throwing up in the toilet! um pretty sure that's like almost human, just work on the bowel movements ending up there and i think he will master walking on two legs shortly. really tho, that is kind of amazing! and the masters.... oh the masters. i'm glad someone can share my snooze-a-thon!

Contemplating Beauty said...

Oh happy easter friend, what fun, and lovely pics!!!

Anonymous said...

Sounds & seems like the perfect Easter break ! ^^ Adorable Charlie, I think he's definitely at least half a man based on what you told us!

Cute sibling photo & yummy popsicles.. Awww there's always so much great things to read I can't possibly comment on everything haha :D

Indie by Heart

Anonymous said...

OH OH wait that sneak peek to bridal shots, so beautiful! ^^


Dee Paulino said...

weddings are so much fun!! -Fantastic photos.


Maiken said...

in Estonia we had only one free day in addition to the regular weekend and on Monday we had to work again, so lucky you :P anyway, this photo diary looks absolutely awesome, such a sweet family time with some yummy food.. what could be more wonderful? :)

Maikeni blogi - part of me

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