Tunesday: "Ho Hey" by The Lumineers

Apr 20, 2012

All credit goes to my new found blog friend Michelle who introduced me to this magical band.
I'm terribly addicted.

Today marks the end of our 11th rotation!
I can finally breathe
Can ya belieeeeeeve it?
Hallelujah, thank ya Jesus.
Praise tha Lort.
Four more weeks of studying non-stop then the PA school tests will finally be done!
Until the Boards roll around in August . . . mehhh


A and B said...

OMG where has this band been my whole life! I love them- thanks for posting their video!

Dilan Dilir said...

awsome! thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

I'm gonna find them on Grooveshark (and did, hooray!) since youtube keeps "breaking up", something with the connection.

Thanks for sharing ! Have a lovely weekend,

Indie by heart

Morgan said...

This band is fab!& They just look like people I would really like to be friends with.

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