NYC: Day 2

Jun 26, 2012

We started off day two in the most appropriate fashion:
Cannolis at Ferrara's Bakery for breakfast in Little Italy!

Followed by some fantastic secret black bag purchases in Chinatown

Frogs for lunch?

Churros at La Churreria!

No, we didn't see the Naked Cowboy.
Instead, we cringed at the Naked Cowgirl.
. . . or the naked cowmamaw

Group photo

Coming soon:
The highlight of day two, NEWSIES!


Jazz said...

Oh my God that cowgirl! And eww those frogs!
Looks like a fun trip:)

A and B said...

two cringe worthy things- that woman and those frogs! Ok I seriously was in love with brooklyn from the newsies movie! So jealous!

Hannah Crain said...

cannolis for breakfast?! yes please!

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