Tunesday: [My fiance]

Jun 13, 2012

Remember my post a few months back, The Greatest Tunesday Yet?

Well this one has the last video beat.

Oh you know, just an Avett Brother cover song by the great singer in America.
. . . who I just so happen to be marrying in five months.
Five. Months.
P.S. Hold out til the 5 min 50 second mark and you'll have chill bumps, too

If I only I could get him to the look at the camera and throw some charm to all three of his adoring fans.
Please don't hate me, Josh.


tiff@thecoffeehouse said...

I like that you call them chill bumps. I get these constantly ... and right now for sure.

Emily said...

Swoon! Lucky lady. My husband can play guitar - but he can't sing. This is amazing.

A and B said...

He is seriously amazing! Is better sing you a song on your wedding day ;)

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