Weekend update

Jun 25, 2012

Having Friday off made my trip to Dallas feel like a mini vacation.
We spent 5% of the my time there being productive, and rest was spent relaxing.

Friday night we had dinner at Mi Cocina celebrating Bart and Michael's big boy job interviews!

I was finally brave enough to not order a Mambo Taxi, and I decided on this pineapple strawberry mojito instead.

We had a little buddy join us for dinner.

. . . and we came home to Charles in bed having his own little celebration.

Saturday we went man ring shopping.

. . . and then spent the rest of the 100 degree day in the pool.

Later on we met up with some of Josh's new friends from work, and then I woke up to find these pictures on my phone.
Fun night, I suppose.

. . . and a weekend in Dallas wouldn't be complete without our annual Whiskey Cake Sunday brunch, of course.


RadiantKristen said...

That mojito looks so good... too bad the mojito and the pool didn't cross paths!

Unknown said...

Mini vacations call for unproductiveness! Looks fun! xo!

A and B said...

Looks like a amazing time! And can't ever get bored with ring shopping! Did you find one (is that the "one" in the pictures? If so, I love it!

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