Another afternoon of climbing . . .

Jun 11, 2012

While in Arkansas, we were able to go to our favorite climbing area: 
Horseshoe Canyon Ranch
(Click here to see our first trip there)
It was Bart's first time to outdoor climb, and he quickly reached our level of expertise.

Kavu should pay me for these shots.

Remember this one from the last trip to Horseshoe?

Anyways, back to the climbing.

We met a sweet little freakishly scary rattler on the trail.

The most gorgeous place in Arkansas.

Following the climb we grabbed a few drinks and took a little swim in the river while the sun set.

. . . and we concluded the weekend in the Ozarks with a nice little mega sunburn.

I'd say it was a success.


RadiantKristen said...

Are you able to make sense of climbing guidebooks? We always stare at them for the longest time trying to figure out which route is which. Even at places we regularly climb we have no clue.

Looks like an amazing weekend! Sorry about the sunburn.

The Adventurer said...

Yep. I love this. And need to do this!

Elizabeth @ Love Is the Adventure said...


Other than that, wickedly jealous of your weekend.

You've inspired me...I need to climb something. Right now.

Natalie Naomi said...

Ow! Just seeing that sunburn makes me cringe. Ekk.

Looks like a fantastic trip.


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